Student Welfare - Health Nurse & Doctor

What happens if I want to see the nurse

All students are to complete appointment forms which can be collected from outside the Student Reception.  They are to place the forms into the locked box.  For appointments made during class time, the nurse will notify the students of their appointment time.  Students may visit the nurse without an appointment only at morning break or lunchtime.

The nurse will be available immediately for emergency situations

  • Girls who are unwell will be assessed by the school nurse.  If the nurse is unavailable a first aid certificate holder will assess them
  • First aid treatment will be given at school as appropriate
  • If student requires emergency or further medical attention from a doctor or hospital, parents are to be called to transport their daughter to the appropriate treatment facility
  • If the parent/caregiver is unable to arrange transport we will offer to ring an ambulance. Parents/caregivers are responsible for any ambulance and/or medical costs incurred
  • The school nurse/first aider is required to remain at school to be available in case of other emergencies.  Only in exceptional circumstances will she accompany a student off site.  If the nurse/first aider is to accompany a student off site, a member of the senior management team is to be informed
  • First aid treatment is to be administered as per the health and treatment form signed by parents on enrolment

What happens if I want to see the doctor

Call at the Health Clinic and make an appointment through the school nurse.  The Doctor is in school each week.

Health Clinic Hours

Monday to Friday

9.30am - 2.30pm