1. Campbell
  2. Edgecumbe
  3. Heads
  4. MacDiarmid
  5. Wilson

Campbell Head of School - Nellie Wallace-Ward
Campbell House Dean - Caleb McCullum
Campbell House Captain- Manirewa Howell
Campbell House Deputy Captain - Mya-Lee Bell

“The House was named after Mollie Campbell who became the first Lady Assistant teacher in 1948. She was the Senior Mistress in 1949 but she taught at the school until 1954, a year before the establishment of the separate schools.”

Campbell House Campbell House Campbell House Campbell House Campbell House Campbell House

Edgecumbe Head of School - Maree McCarthy
Edgecumbe House Dean -Kirstie Powell
Edgecumbe House Captain- Maddison Hawkins
Edgecumbe House Deputy Captain - Lataina Moeakiola

"The House was named after Mr G Edgecumbe who was the first Chairman of the school board, from the time the school opened in 1911 until 1920. He was an appointment of the Auckland Education Board"

Edgecumbe House Edgecumbe House Edgecumbe House Edgecumbe House Edgecumbe House

Heads Head of School - Arti Kumar
Heads House Dean - Frankie West
Heads House Captain- Arneia Coates
Heads House Deputy Captain - Teremai Jarrett

"This House was named after Miss J Head who was a Headmistress at the school 1959-1960."

Heads House Heads House Heads House Heads House Heads House

MacDiarmid Head of School - Vicki Shannon
MacDiarmid House Dean - Leanne Green
MacDiarmid House Captain- Charntell Kennedy
MacDiarmid House Deputy Captain - Georjah Riley Huaki

"The House was named after C. L. MacDiarmid was the first Board Member who represented the parents. He was also the Chairman of the Board between 1921 and 1942 (21 years)"

MacDiarmid House MacDiarmid House MacDiarmid House MacDiarmid House MacDiarmid House

Wilson Head of School - Jamie Smith
Wilson House Dean - Sadhna Deobhakta
Wilson House Captain- Kyla Hooker
Wilson House Deputy Captain - Lisina Manuatu

"The House was named after Ebenezer Wilson who was the first Headmaster of Hamilton High School. He was appointed in 1911 and passed away in 1937".

Wilson House Wilson House Wilson House Wilson House Wilson House Wilson House

Schools within Schools

In 2010, the school launched a new house system, allocating every student in the school to a house.

The five houses are Campbell, Edgecumbe, Heads, MacDiarmid and Wilson.

The houses compete in a wide variety of events including athletics, swimming, cross country, talent quest, charity collections, academic performance and kapa haka. The house system generates pride and passion for Hamilton Girls’ High School and a sense of ownership. The house system also contributes to the promotion of competition among the students.

Vertical Form Classes

When a girl arrives at Hamilton Girls' High School, she is placed in a vertical tutor group.

She will stay in this tutor group, with girls from her and every other year in the school, for the whole of her time at Hamilton Girls' High School.

All girls in that form class belong to the same House, with older girls able to help younger girls make the transition to high school successfully.

Your daughter will be supported by the same tutor group teacher throughout her time with us. An innovative pastoral structure, vertical form classes ensure the best possible support for girls as they become young women.

The role of the tutor group teacher is to:

  • Be the first point of contact for parents or the student regarding school matters
  • Monitor student attendance and organisation with regards to homework completion and assignments.
  • Provide an academic mentoring role and to track achievement data