Student Support

Coming to a new school can be quite daunting. We have an extensive network set up to provide the help and support that is needed for students and parents.

Guidance Counseling

The school Guidance Counsellors provide assistance and support for  issues either at school or at home. Any student can access the guidance counsellor by leaving a note in the container outside her office door or directly making an appointment with her. Our school Guidance Counsellors see individual students who require special intervention which falls outside the scope of the Tutor Group and Year level Deans role.  Students may self refer, parents may refer directly or staff members may refer.

Any conversation which takes place with the Counsellor is confidential, unless all parties have agreed that it may be discussed. Exceptions to this are cases where confidentiality may allow a harmful situation to either arise or continue.

How to make an appointment:
Please complete an appointment form in V1.

Hillary Centre

What is the Hillary Centre all about?

The Hillary Centre intake has changed over the years. It evolved from a place for students with mostly disciplinary problems to a safe place for students referred for a variety of reasons, only few with behaviour issues.

The Hillary Centre is for students who:

  • are new to our school who have missed out on schooling through illness or social challenges
  • need time out because of inability to concentrate and therefore profit from working in a quiet place to catch up
  • need to be able to work in a small group
  • are referred by the Guidance Team
  • are referred by their Dean or Senior Manager for academic support or withdrawal from classes for a short term
  • are referred as a result of a parental concern


  • Students are only in Hillary with the permission of parents
  • Students are generally out  for a short period of time
  • A student’s situation is reviewed on a regular basis

Guidance Contact:

Bex Dredge
Guidance Counsellor
Ph: (07) 839 1304
Email: [email protected]

Robin Clarke
Robin Clarke
Guidance Counsellor
Ph: (07) 839 1304 ext 824
Email: [email protected]