Uniform Code

Our Compulsory Uniform is as follows:

Blazer - Year 9 - 11. Maroon with grey pinstripe blazer; with school monogram.
Maroon Jersey - Year 9 - 13. One style only with school monogram. 
White shirt - Year 9 - 11.  Plain white short sleeve blouse with school monogram.
Charcoal Skirt - Year 9 - 13. One style only with school label.
Tie - Year 9 - 12.  Black with school monogram and single stripe. 
Softshell Jacket - Year 9 - 13.  Black with school monogram.
Summer Footwear - Black Roman sandals are an option for Term 1 and 2 until Queen's Birthday and Term 4 only.
Winter Footwear - Sturdy black polishable leather, low-heeled, enclosed shoes (compulsory winter, permissible all year). Lace ups or over-straps are permitted.
*Low cut adidas/converse shoes are not acceptable
School Uniform Sock - Black mid-calf sock can be bought from HGHS Uniform Shop. 

Compulsory Senior Uniform Items are:

Senior Blazer - Year 12 - 13.  Black blazer; with maroon trim and school monogram.
Pinstripe Blouse - Year 12 - 13.  Pinstripe short sleeve blouse with school monogram.
Tie - Year 13 only.  Alternate colour with logo.

Optional Uniform Items are:

Scarf - HGHS Supports Scarf or plain black neck scarf (to be worn in Terms 2 and 3 only)

Uniform Guidelines

TERMS 1 and 4 - During the Summer Months
Blazer, shirt, tie, skirt and black sturdy shoes (Summer Roman sandals)

TERMS 2 and 3. - During the Winter Months
Blazer with a Jersey, tie, shirt, skirt, black socks with coloured HGHS trim or black stockings with black sturdy low cut winter shoes.
In addition, students may choose to wear the HGHS scarf.

The HGHS Blazer is to be worn all year long. The Jersey and or HGHS Shell Jacket is not instead of the Blazer.

The Following prices are valid from the end of Term 3 2017

Spotlight Image
Year 9 - 11 uniform guidelines
or click here to download a printable version.
Year 12 - 13 uniform guidelines
or click here to download a printable version.

Uniform Shop Hours

Before school:
8.15am - 8.45am Monday to Friday 

11.05am-11.30am Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri
11.10am-11.30am Thurs

1.30pm - 2.15pm Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri
12.30pm-1.15pm Thurs

otherwise by appointment we are happy to meet outside these hours. 

Uniform Shop Contact: 

07 839 9697