Our vision is to be acknowledged as a leading contemporary, New Zealand school specialising in girls’ education.  Through a focus on learning, research and innovation we will be recognised by our own community, the national and international community.

The School’s vision statement is: 

“Empower young women to dare to excel as innovative individuals who are globally connected”


Hamilton Girls' High School is dedicated to providing for girls in a caring environment and preparing our students to aspire to excellence, broadening their horizons and preparing them for the challenges of the 21st century.


Excellence, identity, resilience, courage, curiosity, creativity

School Motto

Our school motto challenges our young women to become a creative, confident and articulate woman who has the skills to shape her future and who will strive to make a difference in their own community.

“Sapiens Fortunam Fingit Sibi.”

He tangata maarama maana e raranga toona ara

A Wise Woman Shapes Her own Destiny


The school crest features a lion, sash and star. The lion symbolises courage, the sash symbolises service and the star is for excellence.

Term Dates 2019

Term One:
Tuesday 29 January to
Friday 12 April

Term Two:
Monday 29 April to
Friday 5 July

Term Three:
Monday 22 July to
Friday 27 September

Term Four:
Monday 14 October to
Friday 6 December