Why a Girls School

“Girls at girl’s schools enjoy not only equal opportunity but every opportunity.
All activities are open to girls: they participate, influence and lead"


Why a Girls’ School?

Girls' schools are ideally positioned to educate, inspire and nurture the girls of today, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. While in co-educational schools, girls have to compete for attention and leadership positions with boys, in single-sex schools every girl has a voice and has the opportunity to test herself and do so in an uninhibited way.

We have many amazing students at Hamilton Girls' High School, who accomplish great things in their studies and co-curricular activities, but most importantly, we encourage our young women to focus on the balance they bring to their achievements.  Girls' schools enjoy high rates of participation in the full range of opportunities and activities. There are no invisible boundaries and no areas where girls are made to feel unwelcome. From science, technology and maths to English and the arts, sport and music, our girls are encouraged and empowered to participate but also to influence and lead.  They enjoy not only equal opportunity but every opportunity.

 The benefits of a girls' school are diverse and far-reaching but the real evidence is in our girls themselves. They are the greatest testament of our success as educators. It's evident in every exam our students sit, every piece our orchestra plays, every match our sports teams win and every community event our girls participate in.

We encourage our students to push the limits of their own potential.