Anika Jackson NZ U17 #1

Anika Jackson 2017 Squash Campaign and 5th place at the Australian Junior Open U19


Anika Jackson Year 11, HGHS student (PRJ), 2017 Squash campaign.  Anika is currently the New Zealand under 17, #1, and  under 19, #3.  
In January 12-15 2017, she competed in the Australian Junior Open Under 19's held in Darwin, Australia.  Although Anika is under 17, she played up in the under 19 age group as part of her preparation and campaign toward the World Junior Championship held in July 2017, in Tauranga, New Zealand.  We were happy with her effort and result.  She finished 5th out of 18 girls, that came from Singapore, Australia, Papaua New Guinea and New Zealand.
Anika was selected for the New Zealand Junior Women's 2017 elite squad where a team of 4 girls from this group will be selected to represent New Zealand at the World Junior Championship in July. The selection will be made by the end of May.  If she is successful this will be her first Major World Junior Individual and teams event.  
Anika's next major junior events are the Oceania Junior Open Under 19's held in April and the New Zealand Junior Open Under 19's, also held in April 2017.  
She will be up for selection in the NZ Trans Tasman Junior Test Team held in April and although she is Under 17, will most likely compete in the under 19 category as part of her World Junior preparation.