Hamilton Girls’ High School is a lively, thriving cultural school with the visual arts, sculpture, music, design, photography, dance and drama as an important cog that is equal to, and alongside, academia and sport.The programme places emphasis on student involvement and understanding of how Music is structured and developed. Level 1 Music is a beginning  for senior specialist Music Programmes (Level 2&3).  At this level, study is based upon performance, listening and composition.  These areas of study are linked through participation. Students develop practical and literacy skills enabling them to develop their own creativity.

The Music Department is staffed by a team of professionals who are skilled and enthusiastic. We have visiting Itinerant staff as part of an on going specialist teaching programme.

Hamilton Girls' High School Music Department has 2 main teaching classrooms, one of which is an industry standard recording studio, rehearsal rooms and recording booth and studio.

Music can lead to a diverse range of careers, from performance, sound engineering to teaching  and stage management.