Technology Digital (TDG)

Technology is intervention by design: the use of practical and intellectual resources to develop products and systems (technological outcomes) that expand human possibilities by addressing needs and realising opportunities. Adaptation and innovation are at the heart of technological practice. Quality outcomes result from thinking and practices that are informed, critical, and creative.  Digital Technology makes use of its own particular knowledge and skills, together with those of other disciplines. At Junior level, Digital Technology focuses on developing student confidence and understanding of the knowledge and skills in Digital Information, Digital Media and Programming.  Keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, Internet research, digital citizenship, design including web design, digital illustrating, and programming are developed throughout the Junior level, to ensure that students acquire the necessary skills for success in Digital Technology at senior level.

Senior Digital Technology uses the technological process to develop knowledge and skills in Digital Information and Digital Media.  These skills are used to critique real world examples in print media and web design, and are also used to develop a solution to a given brief, with particular emphasis on the creation of databases and websites.  These courses are assessed using Achievement Standards.

Senior Computer Studies provides vocational skills for students and encourages them to develop useful practical skills in word processing, database, spreadsheets, research, print media and web design.  These courses are assessed using Unit Standards.

Digital Technology can lead to a diverse range of careers, from computer programming and software testing, to designing computer information systems and networks, database administration, developing computer games and digital effects for films, graphic design, and fixing software and hardware problems for people and organisations.

NCEA Digital Technology Pathways

Computer Studies   Computer Studies with the possibility   Computer Studies
    of achieving a National Certificate in    
    Computing Level 2