Gifted & Talented

At Hamilton Girls’ High School the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program has several aspects to it. We have two extension classes at Year 9 and 10 and also extension classes in English, Science and Maths at Years 11-13. Some students are accelerated to classes above their year level. We offer departmental competitions within school and also outside of school such as Waimaths, Subject specific Olympiads, AsiaWise and so on. As well as extra-curricular opportunities through the GATE program to attend leaderships days and extension activities outside of school.

Our focus in GATE is to nurture learners with special abilities by providing learning experiences and support systems that recognise both performance and potential in the following domains: academic, cultural, sporting, arts and leadership endeavours. For 2015, we are focusing on developing our GATE register further through identifying students with exceptional abilities in the above domains. We will be mentoring these students and tracking them throughout their years at HGHS to ensure we are meeting their needs and that the students are taking up opportunities in their area of exceptional ability.

There are two useful documents which we encourage you to read. One is our GATE Policy which has further information about how our program runs with this school from identification to tracking of students. The second document has been developed by the Ministry of Education for Principals, senior managers and teachers and aims to support schools in assisting gifted and talented students to reach their full potential academically, emotionally, and socially. By enabling these students to reach their full potential, schools make an important contribution to the Ministry of Education’s mission of improving the education performance of all students.

HGHS GATE Policy 2015

Gifted and Talented Students – Meeting their needs in NZ schools

For students: In whatever ways you are gifted, this site is designed to support you, providing information on the positives and negatives of being gifted as well as a wealth of information to keep you challenged and motivated in your years at school. 

Particularly useful sections for students are:

For Parents and Whanau: Experts agree it is important to identify a gifted child to help them achieve their full potential. Parents and schools can help identify a child who shows signs of giftedness or special talent. 

The following resource has been developed by the Ministry of Education. This is an interesting and useful book for all parents and teachers of gifted and talented children. It reflects the questions families often ask and provides information about identifying giftedness. It suggests ways parents and teachers can work in partnership to support the learning of gifted and talented children.
Nurturing Gifted and Talented children – A parent-teacher partnership

Term Dates 2020

Term One:
Tuesday 28 January to
Firday 27 March

(Due to Covid-19: the Term 1 School holidays have changed to Monday 30 March to Tuesday 14 April inclusive (a reminder that the Tuesday after Easter Monday is always a closed day for schools))

Term Two:
Wednesday 15 April to
Friday 3 July

Term Three:
Monday 20 July to
Friday 25 September

Term Four:
Monday 12 October to