Grease Cast Announced!!



DANNY - Fynn Bodley-Davis and  Spencer Littlewood

SANDY - Jaedyn Randell and Amelia Penfold

RIZZO - Tara Given and Briar Aish

 FRENCHY - Zoe Nyika

MARTY - Tessa Hodge

JAN - Danae McCredy

 BONNIE - Chelsea Kelly

KENICKIE - Liam McGuire and Nicholas Goodman  

DOODY - George Antoniazzi

ROGER - Reid Bennsemann

SONNY - Troy Welch

RANDY - Dylan Pohipi


JOHNNY CASINO - Campbell Mayden

 PATTY - Eden Bates and Olivia Neill

 CHA-CHA - Katy Cruwys

EUGENE - Aryan Gupta and Liam Ormsby


 MR LYNCH - Aron Gounder

TEEN ANGEL - Jeremii Livasi’i

DANCERS - Katy Cruwys, Aimee Stringer,  Darien Lee,  Sophie Chaplow,  Brianna Vette,  Olivia Limmer,  Tehana Piggott,  Tyla Robinson,  Lauren Poole,  Ruby Moetara,  Sophie White,  Ruby Hammond

GIRLS CHORUS - Catrielle Castro, Christine Perolina,  Rachel Given,  Mya-Lee Bell,  Karyna Watt,  Bree Stevens,  Hayley Monihan,  Kristyn Raynor,  Zoe Bates,  Mwewa Kasongo,  Georgia Ransfield,  Maia Campbell, Kaleesha Messent.

BOYS CHORUS - Nicci Rich, Jeremii Livasi’i, Ed Howell,  Te Manawanui McPherson,  Bradley Dodd,  Dustin Lescano,  Zyean Cutler,  Kees Anderson,  Harrison Dowling,  Samuel MacArthur, Campbell Mayden,  Cameron McCarthy,  Declan Barry,  Ryan Choy,  Ryan Marshall.

BAND:  Savannah Beaumont

BACKING VOCALISTS (BVs)  Eden Keung,  Litara Allen,  Madison Mataia,  Emerentia Simpamba. Natassja Medina.

The first get together for the Cast will be Thursday May 5th, 7 - 9 p.m. in the HGHS Drama Room. (Use Hill St Gate)

Thank you so much to all who auditioned.  If you did not get in this time, please try again next year.  The quality of auditions was very high, so everyone who tried out did very well.