Maori and Pasifika Awards 2014

Maori and Pasifika Awards 2014     Maori and Pasifika Awards     Maori and Pasifika Awards 2014

Last month we celebrated our Maori and Pasifika awards for 2014.  With a focus on our awards evenings being led by our student leaders, our night of celebration was well attended by students, whanau and staff.  

Congratulations to our senior leaders:  Carmen Mataira and Vasanthi Lualua for their leadership of the evening, and a special congratulations to all of our recipients. A full prize giving list will be available shortly.  

Award Maori Recipients Pasifika Recipients
Whaia te iti kahurangi – Pursuit of Excellence
This award is given to students who teachers identify as trying their very best in all areas of school life and who have a strong work ethic

Kelis Mahu-Marsh
Reegan Leppien
Calista Wihone
Kaleah Clarke

Manaia Willison
Sam Tocker
Hayze Waenga
Jasmine Matthews

Liekina Finau
Siutu Onesemo Toa
Anisha Nath

Cree Fatupaito-Keen
Vanessa Baledrokadroka
Ariona Ieremia
Gloria Young

Tohu Hakinakina – Sports Award
The recipients are representatives at the highest level of their code: regionally, nationally or internationally

Manaia Waudby

Senior Maori
Ariana Hira Herangi

Jazmin Hotham

Senior Pasifika
Alyssa Hirawani

Tohu Ratonga – Service Award
The recipient has actively participated in giving service to HGHS throughout the year. It has been noted by peers and teachers. It is usually given to a Year 13 student but that does not necessarily exclude other year levels.
Nevada Huaki-Foote
(Joint Winner)
Carmen Mataira (Joint Winner)
Danni Ryan
Tohu Tikanga – Cultural Award
The recipient is an outstanding example of her culture. This student is also able to participate with ease, in all aspects of her culture. For example: mihi, powhiri, dance, fono, etc

Jaedyn Randell

Passion Andersson

Stephanie Lualua

Tava Tyrell (Joint Winner)
Ema Bourne (Joint Winner)

Tohu Manukura – Leadership Award
The recipient has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability in all areas of school life. This may range from leading in tutor group to classroom management, under direction of the teacher; from on the sports field to leading by example. This is, perhaps, the most difficult award to select because of the wide range the award covers.

Manaia Waudby

Stephanie Hunia

Stephanie Lualua (Joint Winner)
Litara Allen (Joint Winner)

Vasanthi Lualua

Tohu Matauranga - Academic Award
In the senior school, the award is given to those who have gained the highest excellence endorsement ratio at each year level; or the greatest number of excellences in Year 9 and 10

Year 9
Melina Gray (1st Place Winner)
Rebecca-Rose Ngatai
Shyla Paikea-Lepulu
Aaliya Tainui

Year 10
Chelaina Wilson (1st Place Winner)
Paige Locke
Ruby Meads
Georgia Ransfield
Savon Tovio Smith

Year 11
Eden Poihipi (1st Place Winner)
Maia Waudby
Te Miringa Panapa
Raine Pearse
Cheyenne Perfect

Year 12
Leah Porima (1st Place Winner)
Alicia Laing
Nicole Atutahi
Hinekura Ahipene-Fisher
Meeka Bluegum

Year 13
Kelsey White (1st Place Winner)
Jeneva Hall
Nevada Huaki-Foote
Emma Ballard
Summer Kendall

Year 9
Brooklyn Tofaeono (1st Place Winner)
Salma Nicholson
Jazmin Hotham
Zea Nisa
Rosi Tabudravu

Year 10
Litara Allan (1st Place Winner)
Eden Keung
Maddison Mataia
Nadia SooChoon
Stephanie Lualua

Year 11
Sapna Pandaram (1st Place Winner)
Dipshaya Maharaj
Sapphire Pandaram
Zainab Ali
Christian Baledrokadroka

Year 12
Shivani Rao (1st Place Winner)
Atela Mala
Kiola Ballard
Tiana Manuatu
Shreya Maharaj

Year 13
Divya Naidu (1st Place Winner)
Danni Ryan
Vasanthi Lualua

Tohu Awhina – Awhinamai Award
The recipient of this award is a student who has overcome hardship or difficulty and has been able to succeed, in spite of the negatives she has experienced. This award is open to all year levels.
Kahurangi Kihi-Simon