1. Head Girl
  2. Academic Council
  3. Arts Council
  4. Services Council
  5. Sports Council
  6. Student Council

Head Girl 2018

Jaedyn Randell

Academic Council Captain Anjali Rajiv
Mathematics Prefect Rana Arif
Social Sciences Prefect Isabella Leiros-Anderson
Science Prefect McKenzie Park
International Languages Prefect Eleanor Rosemergy
Technology Prefect Salma Nicholson
English Prefect Kayley Lennon
Health & PE Prefect Ellie Missen
Ka Awatea Prefect Tianna McKinnon
GATE Prefect Maanya Thanki
Library Prefect Breanna Edwards
Arts Council Captain Savannah Mattyasovszky
Visual Arts Prefects Hannah Miller
Pasifika Prefect Tiare Metekingi
Kapahaka Prefect Kelis Mahu-Marsh
Music Prefect Kaleesha Messent
Drama Prefect Kristyn Rayner
Dance Prefect Pidgeon Kapea
Multicultural Prefect Jessica Wang
Media Prefect Helena Reid
Services Council Captain Jaime Foster
School Services Prefect Shyla Paekea
Community Services Prefect Rebeka Hall
Campbell House Prefect Emily Hendry-Follows
Campbell House Deputy Tara Kailahi
Edgecumbe House Prefect Lucy Higgins
Edgecumbe House Deputy Aaliyah Tainui
Heads House Prefect Melina Gray
Heads House Deputy Rajwinder Kaur
MacDiarmid House Prefect Leila Green
MacDiarmid House Deputy Aleesha Barnes
Wilson House Prefect Tegwyn McCormack
Wilson House Deputy Jessica Goldsack
Sports Captain Jazmin Hotham
Sports Council Prefects Madison Fox
Tia Kemara
Kelli Brown
Alissa Sills
Student Council Captain Rebecca-Rose Ngatai
Student Council Prefects Hannah Robertson
Gracie Wright
Ashley Judson
Regan Leppien

Student Leadership

 “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own….And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” Dr Seuss

Student Leadership is an important aspect of Hamilton Girls' High School.  Every student at Hamilton Girls' High School has the potential to be a leader.

Leadership begins with understanding ourselves, whereby individuals have the capacity to lead their own lives and consistently make wise choices based on sound values.  Effective leadership can be learned through developing both the character and competence of our students and by providing them with opportunities and training to exercise leadership responsibilities.

At Hamilton Girls' High School, leadership opportunities are available to all year levels through Academia, Sport, Cultural and the Arts and through our vertical house system.

Student Leadership

Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of our top 6 Senior Prefects at Hamilton Girls’ High School.  Each member of the Executive Council will lead their portfolio and the prefects that make up their Council.

Our Head Girl leads the Executive Council.  This is made up of 5 Executive Prefects,each with a responsibility of a Council.  The role of the Head Girl includes representing the school at public events, running assemblies, leading events at school and oversight of Leadership week.

Our Academic Captain leads the Academic Council.  This council is made up of the following Prefects:
English Prefect, GATE Prefect, Health & PE Prefect, International Languages Prefect, Ka Awatea Prefect, Library Prefect, Mathematics Prefect, Science Prefect, Social Sciences Prefect and Technology Prefect.

Each prefect will lead and convene a committee of 10-12 across all year levels.  Their primary focus will be to promote there area of responsibility to the student body, to lead and co-ordinate a tutoring system and to inspire interest and involvement through participation and challenge.  A key focus will be on initiatives to raise student achievement.

Our Arts Captain leads the Arts Council.  This Council is made up of eight Prefects:
Dance Prefect, Drama Prefect, Kapahaka Prefect, Media Prefect, Multicultural Prefect, Music Prefect, Pasifika Prefect and Visual Arts prefect.

Each prefect will lead and convene a committee of 10-12 across all year levels.  Their primary focus will be to promote there area of responsibility to the student body, to lead and co-ordinate curricular and co-curricular activities, celebrate success and achievement and to organize and promote participation in local, regional, national and international competitions.

Our Sports Captain leads the Sports Council.  This council is made up of eight prefects. Each prefect represent two code’s but also select other portfolio’s in the Council such as High Performance, Events Organisation, House Sporting Events, Coach Development, Umpire Development and Marketing and Promotion

Our Services Captain leads the Service’s Council.  This Council is made up of seven Prefects:
School Service Prefect, Community Services Prefect, Wilson House Prefect, Edgecumbe House Prefect, McDiarmid House Prefect, Heads Prefect and Campbell House Prefect.

Each prefect will lead a committee of 10-12 across all year levels.  They will be responsible for promoting their area of responsibility to the student body through the organisation and celebration of events relative to their portfolio e.g. Daffodil Day, celebrating success and achievement and organising and promoting participation in events and house activities.

Our Student Council Captain leads the Student Council.  This Council is made up of five prefects that will lead specific year groups.  The student council meet regularly to discuss student issues.  The Board of Trustee’s student representative is also on this Council.