UCANDO Study Workshops

It is claimed that current secondary school students will face up to nine completely different career changes in their lifetime. To do that, they are probably going to need to retrain up to nine different times. All this in a world where at the moment information is doubling every two and a half years and by 2030 it could be doubling every week!

In this information explosion age, students therefore need the skills to study effectively, particularly in their own time, and to become independent, self-regulated learners. To learn quickly and effectively, students need to:

•Actively involve the emotional brain, thereby making things more memorable
•Synchronise left and right brain activity
•Use multi-sensory learning techniques

We are fortunate to have Mr Stuart Wright of UCANDO (http://www.ucando.co.nz) visiting HGHS on 3rd – 4th March. Mr Wright is a leading New Zealand facilitator of Accelerated Learning and Whole Brain Learning Techniques. UCANDO workshops focus on learning and brain theory, motivation, study skills and goal setting. The workshops are designed to motivate students to work to their full potential and to give students skills to become INDEPENDENT, SELF-REGULATED LEARNERS.

This year we are targeting the workshops at students of Year 13, Year 11, Year 10 extension, and parents/caregivers. The workshops will be provided at no cost.

Further information will be provided via a letter later this week. We are planning to offer a dedicated workshop for parents/caregivers to attend during the evening of Wednesday 4th March.