Hamilton Girls’ High Schools Māori Department aims to pursue excellence in learning te reo Māori. While creating opportunities for our students with new and exciting pathways in learning the language of our ancestors.


Junior Te Reo Māori

The Junior Māori programme enables students to learn basic Te reo Māori and tikanga. We place an emphasis on students gaining confidence to help prepare them to continue the journey of learning te reo Māori at a higher level. We offer the opportunity for Year 9 and Year 10 students who are competent with te reo to sit NCEA Te Reo Māori.

Senior Te Reo Māori

This is an opportunity for students to challenge themselves in a safe learning environment and excel in learning te reo Māori me ōna tikanga. We support all our students with learning in and out of the classroom. Being involved in the wider Māori community enables our students to have a better understanding of what is being taught. By the end of Senior Māori we aim that our students have competence in written and spoken Maori, and a genuine respect for Maori customs and protocol.

The Māori language and culture are precious unique taonga for all New Zealanders.  In them reside the mana of our ancestors- Ko te ihi me te mana o o tātou tupuna kei roto i te reo Māori.

Kia ū, kia mau ki tō tātou Māoritanga

Retain and uphold our Māoritanga

Maori Pathways