HGHS Ball – Met Gala

Met Gala: A Night With Vogue

Cost per ticket is $80 each or $160 per couple. Tickets can be purchased online using this link.

Year 13 students at Hamilton Girls’ High School are cordially invited to attend the Hamilton Girls’ High School Ball which is taking place on Friday, 10 June 2022 at the Atrium, Wintec. This event will be hosted by our Head Girl, Rebecca Yuan, Deputy Head Girl, Sophie Matai’a and our Ball Committee.

The theme this year will be “Met Gala: A Night with Vogue”. This theme will allow for a sophisticated, glamorous and classy evening, while paying homage to the illustrious and historic Met Gala. This is a prestigious event on the social calendar of the school, is looked forward to with great anticipation by all, and has been convened with effort and energy by the Ball Committee. There is an air of excitement at the school so please get in early to purchase your tickets as this event is not to be missed.

Cost per ticket is $80 each or $160 per couple. Tickets can be purchased online using this link. Tickets can be purchased from now through to 27 May 2022. They will be printed and available for pick up closer to the ball date. More details will be communicated in due course.

Any queries regarding ticket sales can be directed to Sadhna Deobhakta, [email protected]

The Ball commences at 7.00pm and will finish at 11.00pm. Doors will close by 7.30pm. Security checks will take place at the entrance, which may involve an outside security company. This may involve a scanner, an alcohol breathalyzer and checking handbags.

Our Year 13 students are reminded of our high expectations around attendance (minimum 90%) and ensuring code of conduct is exemplary in school. Year 13 students who do not meet this expectation may be requested to meet with the Year 13 Dean Sadhna Deobhakta to discuss attendance issues. If attendance and/or conduct declines leading up to the Ball, our Year 13 Dean and Senior Leadership Team reserve the right to deny entry to the Ball. If this is the case, any payments made will be refunded.

At the entrance, your daughter and her partner, if she has invited one, will be introduced to and greeted by the Principal and Head Girl. Amongst the excitement of the day and preparations for the evening, your daughter needs to bear in mind that this is a school function and Hamilton Girls’ High School rules apply to the event, for both HGHS students and their partners. Please ensure both attendees’ attire is fitting for a formal occasion.

Please note that attendees from HGHS must be Year 13 students. Any HGHS student outside of Year 13, including partners, will be denied entry. If there are any questions regarding this decision, please do not hesitate to contact the Deputy Principal Toti West at [email protected]

Parents need to ensure your daughter has transport to and from the venue for health and safety.

Hamilton Girls’ High School does not support pre-ball and after-ball events. Any students or ticket holders who are under the influence of any substance, or who behave poorly, will not be admitted to the event or instructed to leave mid-event. For the purposes of health and safety, we have sought advice from our school community police on this topic and pass on the following information accordingly.

Our school community police officers have advised that their main concern relates to the sale and supply of alcohol. One of our greatest social issues in New Zealand is the supply of alcohol to our young people and its potential abuse.

Supply of Alcohol to a Minor

The Sale of Liquor Act states that alcohol may not be provided to any person under the age of 18 at any such event. It is an offense to supply a minor with alcohol. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor, and you wish to supply them with alcohol, it must be done in a safe and reasonable manner. Failure to do so is punishable by a fine of $2000.

Supply of Alcohol without a license

The law relating to the provision of alcohol is very clear. In order to provide alcohol at any function, which is not a party held at a private residence, a Special License must be applied for pursuant to the Sale of Liquor Act.

Year 13 Independent Learning Day

Year 13 students will have an independent learning day on Friday 10 June. Teaching staff have been advised to set online learning for this day.

From 27 May, we will send out information regarding expectations and partner information. This will need to be completed and returned by 9 June.

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