Tainui Ngā Manu Kōrero Speech Competition

Reipae Dunn did us all proud in the Korimako Senior English section of the Tainui Ngā Manu Kōrero Speech Competition, achieving 3rd place overall.

Reipae was well-supported by a van of students who traveled to Te Kūiti to participate in the Ngā Manu Kōrero Speech Competition for the Tainui region.

Reipae delivered her prepared speech in the morning, where she took us all down the hallway of her life and explored the kaleidoscope of colours that made up her experiences at school and beyond. The topic was “show me where to look, don’t tell me what to see”.

Later that afternoon, Reipae had five minutes to prepare a three minute impromptu speech. She chose the topic “my body, my choice”, a popular choice for many speakers that day. Reipae articulated her thoughts with grace and empathy, meanwhile keeping the audience engaged with her every word.

Reipae placed 3rd in both the prepared and impromptu speech sections, which ultimately contributed to her 3rd placing overall.

Impromptu in action — Image by: Toti West

A huge thank you to Whaea Karen Shute for mentoring Reipae through the process. Her help certainly guided Reipae to deliver the quality speech we witnessed on competition day.

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