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Hamilton Girls’ High has always welcomed international and exchange students as a valued part of our school community. For many years, our roll has represented a wide range of nationalities and we appreciate the rich cultural diversity they bring to Hamilton Girls’ High School.
All students fall under the care of the School’s International Students’ department including arranging accommodation in a homestay with a New Zealand family or at our hostel Sonninghill.
The international staff are committed to meeting the educational, social and pastoral needs of our students. We aim to ensure your daughter’s transition to life in New Zealand is as seamless as possible.


Thank you for your interest in applying making an application to our school.
Please read these IMPORTANT NOTES before commencing your application.


  • You must provide all information we need on the “Application to Enrol Check List”. Failure to do so may mean that an “Offer of a Place” cannot be issued to you, or it will delay the processing of your application. The standard time to process an application is around 1~3 working days. The processing begins from when we receive the CORRECTLY COMPLETED application form and other documents if applicable.

  • All international students are required to notify “the School” of any change in their contact details, accommodation type and residential address and their parents’ contact details.

  • A current student visa/permit issued by the New Zealand Immigration Service must be sighted and photocopied by the School before the enrolment can be completed.

  • The Student must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. The insurance documents must be sighted and photocopied by the School before the application can be processed.

  • Immigration New Zealand (INZ) promotes the use of an online tool for students to make visa applications. For more details go to: http://www.immigration.govt.nz/about-us/our-online-systems.

  • The Student/Student’s Parent completes the Application for Tuition Form & Tuition Agreement and sends them to School. With the application please enclose, if applicable: - The signed and dated Application and Agreement and if applicable: - Enclose one recent passport sized photograph of the student - Enclose a copy of the student’s passport or birth certificate - Enclose English test result (eg, TOFEL, IELTS) or a letter from the student’s school confirming her competence in English - Enclose a copy of the student’s most recent school report (in English) - Enclosed a character reference from the Principal of the student’s present school

  • A skype interview with the International Director can be arranged if the Student would like to discuss her enrolment or subjects options.

  • The School sends a Guarantee of Placement—a provisional Offer of A Place (if required) and notifies the Student to pay the tuition fee if the application has been accepted.

  • The Student must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. The insurance documents must be sighted and photocopied by the School before your application can be considered.

  • A receipt and an official “Offer of a Place” will be sent to the Student after the School receives the payment from the Student.

  • The courses will be confirmed after the Student’s arrival.

  • The Student will require a student visa—on payment of the fee, you will receive a receipt and Offer of a Place to take to the immigration Department in order to obtain this Visa. For information regarding the NZ student visa you will need to contact your local Immigration Department.

  • The Student notifies us of accommodation requirements and travel plans including arrival date to New Zealand.

  • The Student sends the appropriate documents to us (in regards to accommodation requirements). - Signed Statement of Designated Caregiver Arrangement (signed by parents) - Homestay Agreement or Sonninghill application if boarding is required.

  • The School arranges accommodation if required and welcomes the International Student.

International Student Fee Advice 
Tuition for full year
Tuition for 3 terms
Tuition for 2 terms
Tuition for 1 term
Administration Fee $750.00
Airport pick-up or drop-off by shuttle (optional)(two ways) $200.00
Homestay (per week)
Homestay placement fee (if you choose to use this homestay service)
Hostel Accommodation (If accepted)
Homestay (per night)
Homestay placement fee

Payment made by Bank Transfer
ASB Bank
[BIC-number or swift code: ASBBNZ2A]
Hamilton Branch
Address: 500 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton, 3204 NZ.

Account:“Hamilton Girls’ High School”
Account Number:12-3122-0346679-00

Please write student’s name on deposit form in reference/particulars section to assist with identification.

Please Note:

The tuition fee includes a New Zealand Government tax on tuition.
There may be additional costs for

Extra-curricular activities (e.g. sport fees, music tuition, field trips)
External Examination entry fees: NCEA examinations for Years 11-13

The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016

When students come to study in New Zealand, education providers have an important responsibility to ensure that those students are well informed, safe and properly cared for.

To support this, the New Zealand government has developed the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, which replaced the 2010 Code of Practice.

The new Code of Practice was released in March 2016, and applied from 1 July 2016.

For more information see:

Pastoral-care-of-international-students.pdf (PDF, 508KB) Frequently asked questions about the new Code of Practice.


The options I take this year are ESOL, intenrnational English, computer studies, media studies and music. For me, the hardest subject is computer studies, because there are heaps of words I haven’t seen before, so I need to work hard on this course. ESOL and English classes help me to improve my English, I can ask about whatever I don’t understand, that’s good for me. ESOL classes are small and there are lots of teachers around to help

– Eva Chang

Hello, my name is Moe. I’m from Japan and I live with a Kiwi host family. I think New Zealander between Japanese are little different. For example, dinner and go to bed are very early. New Zealanders are very funny because my host family sometimes sing a song and the are kind to me. They speak slowly English because I can’t understand. They are always smiling. I like my host family.

– Moe Fukase

I’m Soh-yuong Ahn. I’m from South Korea. I was in the 2005 Stage Challenge. It was so cool. I wore my traditional clothes and I danced with fans. We won and I couldn’t forget that exciting feeling.

– Soh-young Ahn

Hi! I’m Skti Monge and I’m from Costa Rica. I’m an exchange student during this year here in NZ. I’ve been enjoying a lot this first month and I really like the country. At first, girls high school sounded scary for me but, now I’m starting to adapt to the system which is totally different. I liked the swimming and athletics days and there are lots of extra curricular activities. Also, it’s interesting having the opportunity to choose your own subjects and study what you want. I am trying to improve my English and learn new things this year.

– Sukti Monge

As you will be under 18 years old when you start at Hamilton Girls’ High School, the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students says you must live in one of the following kinds of accomodation while attending the school:
  • a homestay
  • Sonninghill Hostel
  • with a Designated Caregiver
  • with your parents.
You may not live in any other type of accomodation while you are under 18.


The HGHS Homestay Liaison Manager can arrange homestay accommodation with local families. A homestay carer is expected to provide a bedroom equipped for study: a bed and bedding, heating, lighting and storage space. The Homestay fee contributes to day-to-day expenses including meals, electricity and family activities. Transport to and from school may be provided by the family or by public bus.
Hamilton Girls’ High School assess the suitability of all homestay accommodation. All homestay providers are screened and police vetted and their homes visited to determine the suitability of the accommodation being offered in accordance with the provisions set out in the Code of Practice.
Where possible, students are also involved in the assessment of accommodation and may visit the proposed home beforehand.

International Students are welcome at Sonninghill Hostel. All enquiries about boarding at Sonninghill Hostel must be made to the Director of International Development.

Host Family Information:

Hamilton Girls’ High School welcomes students from all over the world, and having the opportunity to live with a “kiwi” family is an invaluable part of their experience. Whilst providing an invaluable experience for the student, the host family also benefits from the experience of sharing their home with a student from another culture.

Our Expectations:
  • We require all our families to treat their students with care, kindness and respect. It is important that our student feels safe in the family we have placed them in.
  • All host families, either registered or intending to register, will agree to a Police Vetting Check on all persons aged 18 or over residing in the house, as required by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. Full details of the Code of Practice can be found on the Ministry of Education website www.minedu.govt.nz.

Interested in becoming a Host Family?

Coming to a new school can be challenging for both students and parents. To ensure a smooth transition for all concerned, we have integrated pastoral care, a support, academic network. We have an extensive network set up to ensure the help and support that is needed for students and parents is available.

For any enquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Takako Smart
Homestay Coordinator

Phone: 07 839 1304
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pauline Steele
Head of ESOL

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Ho
International Students Director

Phone: 07 839 1304 ext 859
Fax: 07 834 1394
Mobile: 027 230 2121
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Student Application Documents

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