Mathematics and Statistics can be challenging, beautiful, powerful and fascinating. Wherever problems need to be solved, mathematics is involved. It is fundamental to the study of engineering, economics, virtually all science and social science subjects and is useful for many other subjects.



More and more careers need some knowledge of Mathematics or Statistics. If you are interested in becoming a linguist, geographer or psychologist, a share-broker, architect or market researcher, a computer programmer, engineer, physicist or biologist – Mathematics will open doors.


HGHS Mathematics Department has a strong team of teachers who are passionate about teaching Mathematics to young women. They actively seek exciting and inclusive ways of engaging students


It is important to understand that students need to do the best they can in Year 9 and 10 Mathematics. How well they do will dictate which course they can enter at Year 11 (NCEA level 1). Good mental arithmetic is encouraged at junior level. The bridge between this and other Mathematics, such as graphing or algebra, is a challenge for our girls and they are assisted every step of the way.

Entrance Testing for Incoming Year 9 Students

We use this opportunity to identify those students who would benefit from being in an Ignite class (9IE) or in a Realising potential (RP) class.. The other Year 9 classes are mixed ability classes, and teachers are able to extend any student who shows special ability and interest. Pathway 2 is an opportunity for integrated cross-curricular learning.

Tutoring :

Every Monday lunch time tutoring is in M1.1 for Year 9 and 10 and every Thursday lunchtimes for Seniors. This programme begins just after the start of the year.
HGHS runs peer tutoring programmes where senior students meet in the library with younger girls who request assistance.
A good place to start if your daughter starts to show concerns is to approach her teacher.  We want all of our students to be successful and we do care about their progress.

Mathematics Pathways