Words can make us inspired, discouraged, joyful, outraged – and empowered.   Those who wield them with the most accuracy and skill are the ones who can change our understanding of ourselves and of our world.  We want our students to be active creators of language, rather than passive consumers.


In English, we learn to deconstruct, analyse, construct and manipulate language through the study of written, oral and visual texts.  Students are given the opportunity to achieve at NCEA  Levels 1, and, 3, and at Scholarship , and to participate in speech and writing competitions.

Years 9 and 10 allow students to develop strengths in written, spoken and visual language  through a variety of learning  opportunities.  Our BYOD system promotes independent learning behaviour in support of classroom-based studies, and it is an integral part of our students’ progression into the senior school.

In our NCEA classes, students have the flexibility to work at their own level through our multi-level courses or to achieve specified targets through our one year courses.

Our key foci at every level relate specifically to the NZ English Curriculum, and we take pride in the wide range of concepts and texts  that we study with our classes.

The study of English leads to a wide range of tertiary study options and to a wide variety of careers as the possession of highly developed skills of comprehension and expression is essential to  numerous careers. Level 2 – English with Extensions, English, English A, International English

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

English Pathways