The Arts

The arts are powerful forms of expression that recognise, value and contribute to the unique character of Aotearoa New Zealand, enriching the lives of all New Zealanders. The arts have their own distinct languages that use both verbal and non-verbal conventions, mediated by selected processes and technologies. Through movement, sound and image, the arts transform people’s creative ideas into expressive works that communicate layered meanings (NZ Curriculum 2007)


Welcome to the Business Studies Department! Commerce in an integral part of the world around us. Our vision is for students in the Business Studies Department to become financially and economically literate, technologically driven, enterprising and globally aware.


“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

Words can make us inspired, discouraged, joyful, outraged – and empowered. Those who wield them with the most accuracy and skill are the ones who can change our understanding of ourselves and of


Languages is a thriving area of Hamilton Girls’ High School. We offer French, Japanese and Spanish from Year 9 to 13. Trips to countries speaking these languages are undertaken on a regular basis.


Hamilton Girls’ High Schools Māori Department aims to pursue excellence in learning te reo Māori. While creating opportunities for our students with new and exciting pathways in learning the language of our ancestors.


Mathematics and Statistics can be challenging, beautiful, powerful and fascinating. Wherever problems need to be solved, mathematics is involved.

Physical Education

Sport and Physical Education are an important aspect to the overall health and well-being of all of our students. Here at Hamilton Girls’ High School the PE and Health department take great pride in being part of your daughters overall development.


Hamilton Girls’ High School offers a range of Science subjects including Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Science is the study of how the universe works and what it is made of.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences is a lively, thriving subject area that aims to to get students to be active and interested participants in the wide range of groups that make up our society: in their family, school, the local and national community and worldwide.


Digital technology offers the opportunity to change from a consumer of digital media to a creator of unique outcomes. At HGHS we offer a range of food related subjects, from years 9-13, that aim to help students learn important life long skills.