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Health Clinic Information

How do I make an appointment?

To see the nurse, no appointments are needed but we do prefer students to come at interval and lunch. A student should only come to see the nurse during class if it is an emergency, and a teacher’s permission to see the nurse is needed.

Is my appointment confidential?

Yes, with the exception of:

  • Someone is hurting the student
  • If the student wants to hurt themself

Accessing physiotherapy services

Book with the Health Clinic receptionist for an appointment for the school physiotherapist.

Accessing GP services

You can book an appointment to see the Dr through one of the nurses.

What can the nurse help with?

  • Do wellness assessment of students who present with a range of signs and symptoms to the wellness centre
  • Do basic medical care e.g. minor wounds etc. if major e.g. fracture, a referral to A&E or student’s own GP on discussion with parents /caregiver 
  • Stabilize student incase of an emergency 
  • Follow up and assist students with chronic diagnoses/conditions e.g. Epilepsy, diabetes, concussion – provide safety plan to the student and their caregivers
  • Refer students to visual and hearing clinic – on request
  • If a student stays in the Health Clinic – nurses will monitor the student’s well being until caregivers arrive to collect the student or untill the student feels better to send back to class
  • Discuss sexual health, contraceptives, STI, HCG, ECP as per school protocol
  • Call the student back to the clinic for follow ups.


Someone to talk to:

What's Up?
0800 942 8787
(for 5–18 year olds).
Phone counseling is available Monday to Sunday, 11am–11pm. Online chat is available
11am–10.30pm daily.
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