Why choose HGHS?

Hamilton Girls’ High is the only state all girls school in the Waikato region.

According to the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia, there is no limit to what students can achieve in a Girls’ School. Here are their 10 facts about students in Girls’ Schools:

  1. Students do better academically, socially and emotionally.
  2. Participation in STEM is higher at girls’ schools.
  3. Students feel empowered to defy gender stereotypes.
  4. Students are more confident, self-assured and resilient.
  5. Students experience less bullying and greater respect.
  6. Girls’ schools better prepare students for career and life success.
  7. Students in girls’ schools are happier and feel they belong.
  8. Students from girls’ schools have higher aspirations and ambitions.
  9. There’s higher participation in sport and physical activity.
  10. At girls’ schools student wellbeing comes first.

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