Hamilton Girls' High School has a proud history of involvement in sport. Our young women are encouraged to achieve in the classroom and to combine this success with involvement in sporting and cultural activities.A balanced education embraces whole person learning and allows them to be challenge, extended and motivated in all aspects of their life.

Selection or involvement in co-curricular activities at any level requires all students to maintain a high work ethic and standard of behaviour in the classroom. Failure to do so could result in co-curricular opportunities being restricted - we would like to see this avoided at all costs.

For those selected for the Premier teams, a contract will be required to be signed by the students and parents.  Raising our expectations of our top sportswomen is important.

We look forward to your involvement in a full and exciting co-curricular sports programme.


The School abides by the rules of fair play. These are:

  • Enjoy yourself
  • Play within the rules
  • Respect the referees and umpires
  • Respect the opposition and their supporters
  • Be gracious winners and dignified losers

Play hard BUT fair

Sports Departmental Goal

To provide an engaging sports programme that creates futures and legacies.

Hamilton Girls High School has always supported the importance of life beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to embrace all activities, expand their experience and further develop new passions. Being involved in the wider school increases a sense of belonging which leads to higher levels of engagement and motivation.

Through sport we encourage students to be open to learning a wide range of skills, attitudes and attributes and striving to achieve their personal bests in order to achieve individually as well as positively contributing as a member of a team.

We offer a wide range of summer and winter sporting codes from traditional sports like Hockey and Netball through to Adventure Racing and Rugby 7’s.

At Hamilton Girls High School we recognise that through involvement in sport students can open a wide range of career paths in the high performance sport, recreation, fitness and health and well-being industries.

Sport Contact:

Abby Rakete
Head of Sport
Hamilton Girl's High School

Ph: (07) 839 1304 ext 847

Stacey Chandler
Sport Coordinator

Zara Henderson
Sport Coordinator

Email: [email protected]