Old Girls’ Association

The Hamilton High and Girls’ High School Old Girls’ Association continues to support Hamilton Girls’ High School and has three functions a year which any past pupil is welcome to attend.

Founders’ Day

Founders’ Day is held on the last day of Term 2.


The first High School in Hamilton opened on 2nd July 1883 with a roll of 14 girls and 5 boys, closing three years later.


Hamilton West District High School opened.


Hamilton High School was established with the Foundation Stone being laid on 7 July 1911.


Lynn Scott, a previous Principal, instigated the celebration of Founders’ Day.

Rosemary Mercer, a teacher in charge of the Library, was asked by Lynn Scott to get a speaker in to celebrate Founders’ Day.


The tradition of peer groups donating books to the Library started. This still continues to this day.


Bobbie Jarvis
07 838 1989
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President HGHS Old Girls Association
Maree Quill
021 139 3341
[email protected]

Gemma Dunn
021 298 6985

Dame Jocelyn Fish
Dr. Penny Pollard
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HGHS Foundation

In 2009 the Hamilton Girls’ High School Board of Trustees established The Foundation, which is a charitable trust.

To download our Foundation Powerpoint click here

The Foundation manages two accounts: an Endowment Fund, from which the interest each year is used to support students and staff; and a Building Fund, which is to be used to build new state of the art facilities on the campus to support 21st century learning.


The making of a will is the task we all face in life and is a gesture to those we leave behind. Leaving a Bequest is a simple procedure and allows Old Girls, Parents and Friends to include Hamilton Girls’ High School in their will.

The Hamilton Girls’ High School Foundation was established to protect and safeguard bequests and other donated funds for the benefit of the school to develop the growth of the school and support those who work and study here. We commend the bequest programme as a way of contributing to the ongoing success of Hamilton Girls’ High School.

Bequests can provide facilities and teaching equipment that is not currently accessible, professional development for teachers, financial assistance to girls from needy families and financial support for academic programmes, culture activities, sports and other activities at the school. Hamilton Girls’ High School Foundation is an IRD-approved charitable organisation for tax purposes and is registered as an Incorporated Society under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

Foundation Contact

Phillip Curnow
(07) 838 3232
[email protected]

Postal Address:
PO Box 795, Hamilton 3240

Bank Account Number for donations:
ASB 123122 0325405 00


The Annual Giving Appeal raises funds to support the Library, Digital Technology, Transport ( van) and to help girls succeed in their studies, sports and cultural activities through resourcing a variety of activities in the school.

The money the school receives from the government and fee donations is not enough for all the resources the school would like to enhance current education opportunities provided at Hamilton Girls’ High School. In light of the above and to continue to improve these important resources, we ask everyone who loves Hamilton Girls’ High School to make an annual gift.

We are asking Board members, parents, staff and Old Girls to give to the Appeal. With the help of many members of our school community we will be able to carry out important projects to make our school even better. The success of our activities depends on contributions from everyone who can help, and every gift, no matter what size, is important to us.

We invite you to be a part in our Annual Giving Appeal. Download our Gift Pledge Form

HGHS Foundation

Our first priorities are the development of the Hall, Music and Drama learning areas; and construction of a new gymnasium. Later developments planned include a new state of the art library focused on latest technology and a multi-purpose teaching block.

Following that there will be refurbishment of the old library into a student centre for deans, guidance, senior common room, Gateway and careers areas. We plan to develop a covered walkway through the campus and there will be an on-going upgrading of Sonninghill hostel.