Student Leadership

Student leaders at Hamilton Girls’ High School are given the opportunity to lead and promote a culture that fosters excellence and participation within our school community.
All students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills through participation and service.

O le ala i le pule o le tautua
The pathway to leadership is through service by Hamilton Girls’ High School

Executive Council

Our Executive Council is made up of our top 6 Prefects that lead their respective councils in our school:

  • Head Girl
  • Academic Captain
  • Student Council Captain
  • Arts Captain
  • Sports Captain
  • Services Captain
  • Sonninghill Hostel Head Girl
  • The Deputy Head Girl is selected from one of these positions.
Leadership Opportunities
  • Tutor group leader
  • Prefect
  • Peer support
  • Peer tutoring
  • Arts
  • Sport
  • Coaching
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Tuakana-Teina Support
  • Co-curricular Groups
Service Scheme

The Service Awards Scheme acknowledges students who have given extraordinary service to Hamilton Girls’ High School and the community. Awards are given for service to particular areas of the school, and a culmination of hours sees our students awarded with overall Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Hours can be accrued for a number of different service activities, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Sports coaching
  • Tutoring of artistic pursuits e.g. dance
  • Mentoring

The scheme is managed by our Service Council of Prefects.

  • Voluntary performances
  • Service initiatives
  • Volunteer work

Head Girl

Eila Posimani-McCay

Our Head Girl leads the Executive Council.  This is made up of 6 Executive Prefects, each with a responsibility of a Council. 

The role of the Head Girl includes representing the school at public events, running assemblies, leading events at school and oversight of Leadership week.


Our Academic Captain leads the Academic Council. This council is made up of the following Prefects:

Academic Council Captain
Kennedy Hosking

Business Studies Prefect
Emma Richardson

English Prefect
Hilary Clarke


Languages Prefect
Ariana Fruean

Health & PE Prefect
Monique Spedding

Mathematics Prefect
Kiera Sullivan

Science Prefect
Marina Aleksic

Social Sciences Prefect
Jenna Holland

Technology Prefect
Gemma Nutt

The Arts Prefect
Grace Woods

Each prefect will lead and convene a committee of 10-12 across all year levels. Their primary focus will be to promote their area of responsibility to the student body, to lead and co-ordinate a tutoring system and to inspire interest and involvement through participation and challenge. A key focus will be on initiatives to raise student achievement.


Our Arts Captain leads the Arts Council. This Council is made up of eight Prefects:

Arts Council Captain
Reipae Dunn

Visual Arts Prefects
Jessie Hilton

Kapahaka Prefect
Karma Newton King

Music Prefect
Caitlin Gabb

Drama Prefect
Nuala Brady

Dance Prefect
Sarah King

Media Prefect
Jovi Taylor

Each prefect will lead and convene a committee of 10-12 across all year levels.  Their primary focus will be to promote their area of responsibility to the student body, to lead and co-ordinate curricular and co-curricular activities, celebrate success and achievement and to organize and promote participation in local, regional, national and international competitions.

Services COUNCIL

Our Services Captain leads the Service’s Council. This Council is made up of seven Prefects:

Services Council Captain
Asiya Mohamed

Library Prefect
Romesa Zubair

Services Prefect
Chloe Koy

Services Prefect
Ella Pundak

Services Prefect
Najma Noor

Services Prefect
Liana Hands

Each prefect will lead a committee of 10-12 across all year levels.  They will be responsible for promoting their area of responsibility to the student body through the organisation and celebration of events relative to their portfolio e.g. Daffodil Day, celebrating success and achievement and organising and promoting participation in events and house activities.


Our Sports Captain leads the Sports Council. This council is made up of eight prefects.

Sports Council Captain
Madeline Cox

Sports Council Prefect
Isabella Shanks

Sports Council Prefect
Sophie Hodges

Sports Council Prefect
Mechele Ormsby

Sports Council Prefect
Hingaia Shortland

Sports Council Prefect
Holly Quin

Sports Council Prefect
Kate Child

Each prefect represent two code’s but also select other portfolio’s in the Council such as High Performance, Events Organisation, House Sporting Events, Coach Development, Umpire Development and Marketing and Promotion


Our Student Council Captain leads the Student Council.
This Council is made up of four prefects that will lead specific year groups.

Student Council Captain
Freya Kardas

Manaaki Prefect
Meghan Hunter

Sustainability Prefect
Emily Cox

GATE Prefect
Maryam Habib

Learning Support Prefect
 Jade Cowley

Manukura Māori Prefect
Eva Ah Mu

Multicultural Prefect
Bahar Ahyoubi

Pasifika Prefect
Milika Tamani

The student council meet regularly to discuss student issues.
The Board of Trustee’s student representative is also on this Council.


Our Sonninghill Hostel Head Girl leads the Sonninghill Hostel Executive Council.
This Council is made up of five prefects.

Sonninghill Hostel Head Girl
Payton Cook

Sonninghill Hostel Deputy Head Girl
Avania Winikerei

Sonninghill Hostel
Executive Council
Te Aomihi Totorewa

Sonninghill Hostel
Executive Council
Riley Fisher-Peet

Sonninghill Hostel
Executive Council
Maia Kerr