Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE programmes are a recent introduction to our school curriculum. The enrichment and extension provided through these programmes is designed to broaden subject knowledge bases and further deepen critical conceptual thinking paving the way for top academic success in the senior school.

Cambridge IGCSE courses are offered in Year 10 in both English and Science (from 2023) and Year 11 (from 2024) in English, Science, and Mathematics to students identified as working at an above average academic level.

Entry into these courses is by invite and is opt-in. The English and Science courses are designed to run over two years, with an examination at the end of a student’s Year 11 year. The Mathematics course runs over one year in Year 11 with an examination at the end of the same year. Cambridge programmes and qualifications are globally recognised for their high standards. They are created by subject experts, valued for their academic rigour, and reflect the latest educational research.

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