Principal's Welcome

Marie Gordon

Kia Ora Koutou - Greetings to you all

Hamilton Girls’ High School has shaped and influenced our young women since 1911. Core values and principles underpin a dynamic learning environment and our students are given every opportunity to aspire to excellence. We cater for the all round educational needs of our young women and offer an outstanding education pathway to ensure the best possible career destination.

As educational leaders at Hamilton Girls’ High School, we are committed to consolidating on and lifting the bar for raising the achievement across the four cornerstones of Academic, Leadership, Cultural and Sporting endeavours. Our young women are encouraged to achieve in the classroom and to combine this success with involvement in sporting and cultural activities. A balanced education embraces whole person learning and allows them to be challenged, extended and motivated in all aspects of their life.

Standards in a school are essential – standards drive motivation, hold levels of confidence and empower students and staff. Our expectations of our students are high. We expect them to be well dressed, polite, courteous and prepared for learning. Becoming fully engaged in our school culture is essential and an exciting part of being at secondary school.

Our school hostel is a wonderful asset that offers quality residential accommodation for 130 students in a supportive living and learning environment. The students and staff of Sonninghill Hostel speak highly of the supportive and nurturing environment and endorse that it is a “home away from home”.

Our school motto in Latin is Sapiens Fortunam Fingit Sibi –

“A wise woman shapes her own destiny”.

It is our aim to ensure that every girl who passes through our gate will be given the opportunity to shape her own destiny.

I invite you to be part of our school.

Marie Gordon