School Uniform
& Dress Code

School Uniform

We have package deals available for compulsory uniform items. Starter package deals are available by pre-order. Once pre-orders are finalised and distributed, single uniform item prices may apply or someitems in packs may be on backorder. All uniform items below must be purchased from the Hamilton Girls’ High School Uniform Shop.

HGHS Blazer

Year 9-11 & Year 12-13

Junior Blazer: One style only with school monogram.

Senior Blazer: Black blazer; with maroon trim and school monogram.

White Shirt

Year 9-11 & Year 12 -13

One style only with school monogram - short sleeves (long sleeves available).

Senior Shirt: Pinstripe short sleeve blouse with school monogram.


Year 9-11 & Year 12-13

Black with school monogram and single stripe.

Year 13 only: Alternate colour with school monogram. Senior Blazer: Black blazer; with maroon trim and school monogram.

Grey Skirt

Year 9-13

One style only with school monogram

Maroon Jersey

Year 9-13

One style only with school monogram

Softshell Jacket

Year 9-13

One style only with school monogram - hip length, zipped. (No other jacket is permitted.)


Year 9-13

Plain black stockings or mid ankle length black school socks with maroon trim only to be worn with winter shoes.

School Shoes

Year 9-13

Summer: Black Roman sandals or McKinlays sold in the Uniform Shop Term 1 and Term 4 only.

Winter: Sturdy black polishable leather, low-heeled, below the ankle, enclosed shoes. (compulsory Term 2 and 3, permissible all year).

uniform notes

Make-up, Hair Ties

Make-up must NOT be worn. Hair may be coloured in natural tones. Hair accessories must be black, white or maroon. Nail polish is NOT permitted.


The only jewellery permitted is a wristwatch, simple ear studs/sleepers (one in each ear) and a discreet chain, pendant or taonga around the neck (and not visible).

Facial piercings are NOT permitted and will need to be removed.

Scarf – HGHS school scarf or plain black scarf (either may be worn in Terms 2 and 3 only).

Note: Cultural adaption available on enquiry

TERMS 1 and 4 –

Blazer, shirt, tie, skirt and Roman sandals or McKinlay’s sandals sold through the uniform shop.


Blazer with the school jersey, tie, shirt, skirt, black socks with coloured HGHS trim or black stockings with black sturdy low cut polishable winter shoes. In addition, students may choose to wear the HGHS scarf and the school monogrammed soft shell jacket.

Grey monogrammed trousers may be worn as an alternative to the skirt in Terms 2 & 3 only

The HGHS Blazer is to be worn all year long. The HGHS Soft Shell Jacket is an addition to the compulsory uniform and NOT to be worn without the school blazer.

Uniform shop hours

Uniform shop hours below, otherwise by appointment we are happy to meet outside these hours.

8.15am - 2.30pm

Term Time only

27th  September   8.15am to 2.15pm 
28th  September   8.15am to 2.15pm 
29th  September   8.15am to 2.15pm 
20th October   8.15am to 2.15pm 
Friday 10th December   8.15am to 1.00pm 
Saturday 11th December   9.00am to 12.00pm
Monday 13th December   9.00am to 3.00pm
Tuesday 14th December   9.00am to 3.00pm
Term Time Only