School Rules

Hamilton Girls' High School Rules

The school vision embodies co-operation. We endorse the right of the individual to be part of a community which respects people and their property. Parents are asked to support these rules and to uphold standards of dress and behaviour.


1. Being present at School during an official school day
2. Representing the School at any time whether it be in sport, cultural pursuits or any other activity
3. On a School trip whether or not a parent or guardian is also present
4. On the way to and from School
5. At any time they are wearing School uniforn

Fundamental Rules

General Conduct

a. Students are expected to display a high standard of behaviour, courtesy and manners

   b. Loud or offensive behaviour and loitering in public places is not permitted

     c. Students are expected to display respect towards all staff and toward each other at all times

     d. Students are expected to be punctual arriving at school and must attend all classes

     e. Students are expected to behave in such a way that the learning of other students is not disadvantaged

     f.  Students may not eat in class. This includes chewing gum.

     g. Repeated truancy and continual disobedience will not be tolerated and will be treated seriously

     h. All students are to comply with School procedures 

Drugs, Alchohol & Tobacco

No student shall consume, sell, purchase, supply, have in

her possession or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, R18 legal drugs or party pills, whether or not lawful under the law of New Zealand, while under the authority of the School.

Theft, Bullying & Assault

No student shall have involvement with theft.

No student shall bully, assault, fight with or intimidate another student or staff member

No student shall be in possession of, or use weapons

Any breaches of these core rules will be referred to the Principal as it is School policy to treat any breach of the Rules seriously. The Principal will review all the circumstances and where appropriate consider a stand down period and/or suspension as disciplinary options.

Hamilton Girls’ High School is proud to be a PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) school that believes in the following values:

School Regulation rules


All students are required to attend school through all hours on all days in which Hamilton Girls’ High School is open.

Students are expected to be punctual arriving at school and attending classes.

Students are expected to be punctual arriving at school and attending classes

No extended holiday leave either prior to or after the official school holidays or at any other time will be granted

No student is to leave the School grounds during school hours unless she has been signed off by a Dean or Senior Manager


All students are expected to follow the uniform code, as presented.

All uniform, including footwear shall be kept clean, tidy and in good repair.

Under garments are not be worn if

Interval and Lunch breaks

Interval is 11.05 – 11.25am and lunch is 1.25 – 2.15pm except on Tuesdays, where interval is from 10.25 – 10.45am and lunch 1.15 – 2.00pm. 

Students are not to leave School

Personal Property

All articles of clothing, books, pens, bags, calculators, sporting equipment and other items of personal property must be clearly named.

Every endeavour will be made to return lost property so marked. Students losing or finding property shall report immediately to the main office.

The school will not be responsible for any loss of property.

School Property

Students are to take care of all school property and in the event of wilful damage to School property, the person or persons responsible shall be prepared to pay compensation.

Students must put all litter in the containers provided Text books and library books are the property of School and are to be well cared for.


Students must do homework regularly as an extension of class study.