Knowing how to study is really important to ensure you succeed to the best of your ability.

Some key takeaways to help you on your way to study success:

  • Break your study up into manageable 20-minute chunks. Get some more info about setting small goals here.

  • Talk about it or say it out loud. When you say something out loud, you’ll find it much easier to remember it. Chatting with someone about what you’re studying is even better.

  • Remove the distractions. Put your phone on silent and out of reach, and turn off the pop-up notifications on your computer. Research shows that it can take up to 20 minutes to refocus on what you’re doing once you’ve been distracted.

  • Take breaks. If you plan your study chunks with breaks in between, having the time away can help you to come back refreshed.

  • Get some sleep! Getting a good night’s rest helps your brain and body to rest and recharge. In fact, you’ll do better at your exams and remember more of what you studied if you get a good night’s sleep, rather than if you stayed up late studying.

Other things you can do include eating the right foodsperfecting your time management skills, and knowing when to take a break from studying and getting some physical activity or social time in.