Academic Support

Academic Support

Your Pathway to success

Choose subjects wisely

– credits come easier when students are interested in their subjects

Be organised 

Prioritise – especially with internals

Have good attendance

Hand work in on time or else seek help

Let teachers/ Dean/parents know if the workload is getting too much

– we are here to help

Keep a track of credits

An example is included.  You may wish to break this down into Achievement/Unit Standards per subject


We encourage your daughter to aim for merit and excellence endorsements, by preparing well for their assessments

Subject endorsements also require an external component

Furthermore, most courses in year 12 and 13 have a pre requisite number of credits that need to be achieved before entry is granted to the next level of that subject.

What can parents do to help?

  • Access course outlines
  • Set up a wall calendar with assessment deadlines
  • Have a credits chart
  • Read NCEA notices on the website and newsletter
  • Use the parent portal
  • Link with tutor group teacher/ Dean
  • Plan for holidays carefully
  • Be mindful of your daughter’s workload
  • Be a support person for your daughter
  • Pay the NZQA fee when invoiced