Hamilton Girls’ High School’s Fantastic Achievements

Hamilton Girls’ High School enjoyed another fantastic year of academic achievement in 2022 which we are proud to share with our wider school community.

Below are some highlights from our achievement data that we are particularly proud of:

NCEA Level 1 Pass Rate –78.4%. One of the highest pass rates we have had as a school and 14.7% higher than the Decile 10 pass rate, 4.9% higher than the Decile 6 pass rate, and 14.8% higher than the overall National pass rate.

In addition to this there was an increase in the rate of Merit and Excellence endorsements at Level 1.

NCEA Level 2 Pass Rate –87.5%. Again, one of the highest pass rates we have had as a school and 4.4% above the Decile 10 pass rate, 7.7% higher than the Decile 6 pass rate and 13.5% higher than National pass rate.

There was a 4.3% increase in Excellence endorsements and our endorsement rate was higher than the national average and 8.2% above the Decile 6 pass rate.

NCEA Level 3 Pass Rate – 78%. Another top pass rate for our school that sits 10% higher than both the Decile 6 and National pass rates, 13.2% higher than Decile 6 pass rate, and 8.6% higher than the National pass rate.

Level 1 Literacy and Numeracy – sit at a very high 92% and 91% respectively.Both are well above the national averages by 10%. Both rates are 5% above the Decile 6 average.

Considering the well-reported challenges with respect to these key learning skill sets, Hamilton Girls’ is performing admirably.

Our school’s Māori Student Pass Rate across all NCEA levels is greater than Decile 6, National, and All Girls School averages and our Level 3 wāhine Māori achieved our school’s highest pass rate for NCEA Level 3 Māori students ever – 78.9%.

The rate of Level 1 Māori students attaining a Merit endorsement was 37.5% – a record high for HGHS. Level 2 and 3 endorsement rates were also healthy and trending upward.

Our kura’s Pasifika Literacy rate rose to 93.0% making them the highest achieving cohort for this measure. Overall pass rates remain healthy and our Merit and Excellence rates are trending upwards across NCEA levels for Pasifika learners.

For instance, 38.9% of Pasifika students achieved Merit and Excellence certificate endorsements for NCEA Level 3 – this is the second highest rate in our school’s history and an increase of 17.2%.

Seeing all of these great results is heartwarming, and a testament to the hard work and caring learning relationships between staff and students that set the foundation for such fantastic accomplishment.

Well done to all involved.

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